Celebrities are also human beings like us. They go through dilemma and weaknesses like common people. However, they manage to escape from it and give a perfect public appearance with a wide smile on their faces as they are the happiest person of the world. Even though celebrities with stretch marks exist but they often hide it or have cured it.

We always adore the perfect skin and body of celebrities throughout our lives. That glowing, fresh and flawless skin is always a heart throb for us. The fan following of celebrities mostly depends upon their looks and style. Not much fans are from those, who literally admire the field of work of their favorite stars.

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The question arises, how do they get away from those things from which a common man is struggling through? For instance, quite a number of celebrities showed up with stretch marks on their skin, but on next acquaintance they were cited with a smooth and flawless skin.

Stretch marks are genuinely known as the ugliest and damaging skin problem. The reasons include besides aging are;

  • Pregnancies: it is most common cause of stretch marks in women which alters the whole quality and shape of belly skin. Moreover, cellulites present beneath belly skin makes it stiff to remove.
  • Hormonal Disorders: Fluctuation of weight causes hormonal imbalances in body leaving skin tissues damaged with stretch marks.
  • Excessive Workouts: To stay in perfect shape, prolonged exercise and workouts causes muscular mass build up. These outbursts result in stretching of skin leaving stretch marks.
  • Genetic Inheritance: If the quality of skin is dry and rough in ancestors, there is a probability of stretch marks at some point in their successors.

Undoubtedly, celebrities also have to go through this stuff, so what’s their secret of getting away from it?

As we know, celebrities and cosmetic industry have so much to deal additionally. They are almost dependent to each other. The main reason behind this is, Cosmetics and skin care pharmaceuticals gain access to celebs for their branding and marketing, whereas, celebs want unlimited access to their breakthrough remedies and treatment for their skin and beauty problems.

  • Deep Moisturizing: Most of the celebrities get away from their stretch marks suggest that they consider prevention as a fundamental step. When they found themselves prone to stretch marks, they formulate a strategy of nourishing their skin through deep moisturizing. Unfortunately, this only helped gaining huge profits for pharmaceuticals of different moisturizers products. As there is no positive reports for this phenomenon and it is not medically proven.
  • Meditation: Yoga and meditation was also a reason given by some famous celebrities to have perfect healthy skin. But, this is also a preventing strategy. It can’t assist someone who already got stretch marks.
  • Laser technology: It is another treatment now days, which is endorsed by some celebrities too. For stretch marks problem, Flaxen laser treatment resurfaces skin by filling cracks and smoothing spurts. Along with depositing collagen in damaged skin cells, it has become a breakthrough in stretch marks treatment.
  • Topical treatment: Contemporary retinoid or alpha hydroxyl acid crèmes is turn out to be a very popular and effective cure for stretch marks.

So, if you are struggling to cope up with this dreadful skin problem, keep in mind that famous celebrities like Demi Moore, Salma Hayek and even the world famous Angelina Jolie is not immune to this skin imperfection.