The camouflage lifestyle of celebrities makes common man believe that superstars don’t experience from stretch marks. It is a fact that celebrities with stretch marks exist on this planet. It’s a well-kept secret. A myth enduring to believe that fame and big fortune are the real reason they never seem to suffer from stretch marks.

Photo Credits Pinterest

Photo Credits Pinterest

An assessment of Angelina Jolie was published in July’2008 edition of “Vanity Fair”. She quoted;

“I love it. It makes me feel that the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason. It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing.”

This statement was on her being pregnant. She revealed her experience on stretch marks. But we have an additional inside measure on her opinions. Now here are 4 ways how celebrities deal with their stretch marks;

  • The basic input of celebrities for their bodies is maintaining a proper workout routine with healthy diet. For this, they recruit experts to keep them fit and stay-in-shape.
  • They watch out for rapid weight gain or loss, as gaining muscular mass or losing fats can tend to leave stretch marks. So, it has to be done in slow and steady manner. Celebrities can afford to seek out assistance from best professionals of world who can give them the most modern fitness guidance plan
  • Pay for highly expensive laser surgeries to get rid of stretch marks. It’s the third aspect towards their stardom. The latest skin resurfacing laser treatment covers these stretch marks and damaged skin tissues get repaired by collagen and alpha hydroxyl retinoid treatment.
  • Another perk of fame is having access to elite skin-care products. Branded pharmaceuticals approach celebrities for their most effective skin-care recommendation.

On the whole, any fact that tends to change our body shape and proportion can stress our skin and leave behind stretch marks. They are deep scars caused by tearing of epidermis when skin fails to cope up with rapid change of body mass. The best way to get rid of them is prevention because the process of removing them is very difficult, indebted and definitely expensive. Here is what a common person can do for avoiding stretch marks.

  • Prevention strategy starts early from puberty. This is the time when major hormonal changes occur and the quality of skin is to be established.
  • Intake of multi vitamins specifically vitamin A, E and C are very helpful in acquiring good quality skin for life time. Most of the celebrities were once wannabes so they kept a healthy lifestyle to attain good looks.
  • Moisturizing with a good vitamin E crème according to your skin type can prevent stretch marks from early stage. The area of focus includes abdomen, arms, thighs and chest.
  • Meditation is really helpful in making your body and skin flexible and adaptive. Having 3 hours of meditation in a week gives obligatory advantages for both mind and body.

So, to obtain a celeb-worthy skin you should have a fortune like them or the more better way is, you should take no chance and start working out for it from day one.