Nothing to be embarrassed about

Our appearance is something that we give utmost importance to. We want to look our best at all times and when some issue crops us that threatens to have an impact on the way we look, we tend to become demoralized. Our confidence is shaken. We try to find some leeway that would hide the problem. We focus all our attention to hiding the issue at hand instead of dealing with it and trying to come up with some sort of solutions. One such problem is that of stretch marks. When one of us develops this problem, the first instinct is to hide the marks under layers of clothing. Stretch marks are not something that would go away in a short span of time. You have to live with them for a long time. One cannot dress up keeping these marks in mind.

Look up to the celebrities

We tend to place the celebrities at some sort of pedestal. We view them as being out of reach. We never think for a second that they are humans like all of us and their bodies must also pose problems for them like it does for us. The difference lies in how they deal with their problems. When we look around, we would find many celebrities with stretch marks who have not let this become an obstacle in their way to success.

Julia Roberts is a name that needs no introduction. Having made an impact with every film that she did, this celebrity is certainly someone to look up to when we talk about celebrities who have stretch marks. In 2009, the actress posed in a bikini in style while baring the stretch on her belly. She did not feel that the marks were something that needed to be hidden, which is truly inspirational.

Another one of the celebrities with stretch marks is Kate Winslet. She was praised by a great many when she showed off her stretch marks in front of the camera in her movie Little Children. It sent across the message that she had no qualms in accepting the changes that had occurred in her body after her pregnancy.

Katie Holmes is another one of those proud celebrities who have stretch marks who has not let the marks make any interference with their style statements.

Names like Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie can also be included in the list of celebrities with stretch marks.

It is what you make it to be

Issues only become bigger if you allow them to be. If you give anything more attention than it warrants, you are actually making things worse. You need to realize that if you hide the problem, you are only giving it scope to get bigger. The correct option would be to deal with it. Let nothing stop you. You have nothing to hide. Whenever you feel that the marks are pulling you down, take a look at the celebrities who have stretch marks for inspiration. You will get the confidence you need.