Pregnancy is a great blessing from God that one should cherish. Every woman loves giving birth to a baby however she certainly doesn’t love the after effects of pregnancy such as the stretch marks. It’s always bad to deal with them but have you ever wondered with all the celebrities and movie stars having babies these days, how do they maintain their hot body? Celebrities with stretch marks are some things that just don’t go together and that’s why we started to figure out what celebrities do to avoid stretch marks.


Ask a pregnant woman this question and she will tell you it is nearly impossible to avoid. But you don’t have to feel bad as we’ve finally figured out how celebrities avoid stretch marks after pregnancy. Don’t worry it doesn’t involve any fancy procedures or any sort of surgeries as well.

There are 3 simple steps that most celebrities take to make sure their careers are still hot and happening even after pregnancy.

They hydrate themselves frequently

This is one of the easiest steps that quite frankly every celebrity takes yet most people think its affects aren’t that vivid. Hydrating your body is very important for your body and mainly for your skin. Keep hydrating yourself daily with at least 8 glasses of water being consumed by your body each day to make sure your skin is in fit shape.

They make sure their nutrition intake is proper

Many people don’t focus on the significance of nutrition in the health of the skin. Dieticians say that nutrition should be taken in such a way that it acts like your medicine. This means the more proper nutrition you take; the more likely it is for you to have skin problems. There are many reasons for that which I won’t discuss.

The main point is, to maintain your skin health and your overall health, proper nutrition is very important. And these count especially during the time you’re pregnant. The foods that celebrities intake during the time of pregnancy has tons of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, omega 3 fatty acids essential proteins and much more that makes them stay fit throughout the pregnancy time.

They know the perfect creams to use

This is probably the most common step that every star knows and it is none other than knowing the cream that suits your skin. Sure you need a cream with moisturizer but what kind of moisturizer does your skin want? If you don’t have any clue what to buy, look for a stretch mark cream specially made for pregnant women. The earlier you understand what cream suits you, the better. You should also go visit your dermatologist for this as he or she would recommend the best cream that would easily make your stretch mark problem go away

Now you know how to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy like celebrities. We hope you have a beautiful healthy baby!