It is well known that stretch marks whether appeared by weight fluctuations or pregnancies, never looked attractive on anybody. People get so much frustrated with their body appearance if they got those loose saggy like water ball skin along with stretch marks. This is a totally natural phenomenon, but unfortunately, rejuvenation of the skin with these marks is not possible naturally.

After having babies some celebrities got stretch marks on their bodies. Being in the lime light, few acquaintance with these, causes both positive and negative aspects on their fan following.

Positively, people finally realize that they are just like common people. This put all the fantasies created in their minds down to reality. While blindly follow our favorite celebrities, we forget that they are also human beings like any other on this planet.

Every human on Earth wanted to have a younger and fresh looking skin. This mentality always works speculate for skin-care pharmaceuticals and they are earning high net profits. The acquaintances of some celebrities with stretch marks have made their marketing easier. Stardom of celebrities is an easy way of marketing their products. Some taglines their skincare products go like;

“How Scarlett Johnson over come on her stretch marks!” or
“How Kim Kardashian got rid of her stretch marks!”

Therefore, pharmaceutical market gains high profit through these stretch marks of celebrities by making them brand ambassadors of their products and expand from this aspect also.

Almost every woman got these stretch marks during pregnancies. Most of celebrities don’t like to have these, as it can harm their stardom and fan following. Furthermore, it can make a very negative impact on their careers. Most of celebs conceal these under loads of cosmetic products or go through under cosmetic surgeries. The renowned names of some of them are;

  • Lady Gaga: Got stretch marks due to her weight fluctuation, she used cosmetic products to remove these.
  • Kim Kardashian: After her pregnancy, these marks were a hurdle in her career, so she went under cosmetic surgery to maintain her previous image.
  • Victoria Beckham: Apparently, she used skin-care product to remove these but that product didn’t worked positively on others, so, the mystery remains.
  • Britney Spears: She knows how to conceal them properly, as there are no records of her acquaintance with stretch marks.

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It is not understandable, why people think that celebrities can’t have stretch marks like normal humans. These are the signs which reminds of the delightful feeling of motherhood. But some proud celebrity moms never hesitate to have them. They prove that they can be a true role model if they show that there is no escape from nature, even for celebrities. It is a natural process in which they are awarded with nature’s most beautiful gift. They learned to live with these first signs of mother-hood. Some of those celebrities who have never been ashamed of those stretch marks

  • Julia Roberts
  • Kate Winslet
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Halle Berry
  • Jessica Alba
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Shakira

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These actresses, model and singer gave public appearances and performed while their stretch marks can be seen.