Acceptance is the key

Have you developed certain stretch marks at some part of your body? Have you been feeling rather ashamed in wearing certain types of clothes due to the fact that those marks would be revealed? Are you of the opinion that you would never be able to adorn swimwear because of these marks? If the answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, it has become necessary that you change your perception. The first thing that you need to do is accept that there are stretch marks on your body. While there are various treatments that can minimize the effect, no complete cure is available for these marks once developed. Thus, the first step for you would be acceptance that these marks are now a part of your body and you have to live with them.

Look around for inspiration

Once you have accepted the marks, you can relax much more. The next step for you is to look at some inspirations. Celebrities are people that we tend to look up to for various reasons. We view them as fashion guides, role models in terms of charitable work, aspiring with regards to personality and much more. When we tend to look at them to gain inspiration for so many purposes, why not follow their lead in terms of stretch marks as well? There are various celebrities with stretch marks, celebrities who have not shed wearing clothes of their choice simply because they wanted to hide the scars. They identified the problem and then developed their own ways of dealing with it. These celebrities who have stretch marks do teach us some valuable lessons. Let us now take a look at some examples.

Victoria Beckham developed stretch marks after her first pregnancy. She lived with the marks for some time till she decided that she wanted it to change after which, she reverted to use lotions that minimize the effects.

Angelina Jolie felt no qualms in admitting that she had stretch marks and she has not let this work as a hindrance. She has accepted the stretch marks as they are and continues to live with them without letting them hamper with her style.

Scarlet Johansson has stretch marks over her breasts. However, she ensures that adequate steps are taken to conceal them when she makes public appearances. She has not done this by opting for clothes that would hide the marks but has made use of makeup and creams for the purpose.

Think carefully

If you have developed stretch marks, do not run to the nearest hospital for surgery without giving it considerable thought. If the cause is not removed, there are high chances that the mark would reoccur in a few years’ time. Thus if stretch marks are a problem for you, you need to take a look at these celebrities who have stretch marks. The list is not so short. There are numerous other celebrities who have stretch marks who are dealing with this issue without letting it hinder their style. Take a leaf out of their book.