Celebrities with stretch marks, it’s a big question that comes into our minds when we often saw celebrities give births to their child. The projection of media put a certain mindset over the definition of beauty. It includes an ideal and flawless skin with a perfect figure. This definition has made many women to feel embarrassed of themselves. Whenever a celebrity had been exposed of her stretch marks, she was charged with guilty of promoting wrong reflection of beauty.

It’s the time for us to accept the reality that images of celebrities we see in magazines and internet are not authentic. They are photographed with the body hidden in loaded layers of cosmetics and finally airbrushed with Photoshop.

It’s a matter of fact that stretch marks are inevitable. It’s a genetic condition came up with a couple of pounds gained or breaking down of epidermis tissues due to pregnancy.

Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t define you to be less gorgeous than those celebrities you admire for. It’s a natural process and no miracle skin-care product can take it away over night. Celebrities usually endorse these skin-care products and claim that these products actually work. Almost every A-list celebrity is a brand ambassador of skin-care product and has endless access to beauty stylists who can give her a perfect flawless appearance. Little do we know how these celebrities really look like, if they don’t have the enhancements of Photoshop, professional touch of make-up, special lighting effects that can make them appear like goddess.

It is a bad impact of capitalized society that compels us on how we should think and look. From this media gained advantage to make us feel that we need to make improvements in order to live up to their fake standards of beauty. The false ideology of beauty exercised by media is totally discrimination. Every aspect of media is promoting about a flawless free from stretch marks skin of a woman which has no connection with nature and truth. Their marketing techniques not just sell a product; it sells an image which is totally a fake. They target our minds and enhances fears of looking ugly and not been accepted by the society and will not be called up to the mark. They evoke this fear in us just to tend and purchase their so-called miracle product. The brutal truth is, 90% of these products don’t deliver what they are actually marketed for.

I came across a before and after image of Beyonce Knowles. It was Photo shopped to such an extent that her looks and figure changes ingeniously. It’s a questionable thing for me that why did it was needed to make these dramatic changes to beat some years off from her looks and airbrushing her stretch marks. She still looked beautiful and decency of her age was making her graceful without these unnecessary transformations. Well, found out it was demanded by the brands she endorse. They want the crowd to assume that their products are a reason which has made her beauty time-less.

So, next time you see a flawless skin bearing celebrity images, you should remind yourself that celebrity stretch marks and skin afflictions are a fact. We need to accept and embrace everything we have including stretch marks. The natural beauty is always pure, if we feel good enough in our own skin, stay confident and focus on what we do and say is more important than how we look.