When we think about celebrities, we suddenly start thinking about the way they lead their life. Full of glitter and no problems at all. But we forget the simple fact that they are humans too. Just as a normal person experiences diseases and tribulations, so do the celebs. They aren’t the perfect beings, and neither have they represented perfection. They are simply the icons of artistry and yes, we love them.

Talking about the moms of Hollywood, they too face the same stretch marks as you do after pregnancy. Stretch marks are a result of getting your dermal layer split up because of the stress you experience on your skin during pregnancy. This can be irritating to some people as later they try to get rid of them through laser and other techniques, but some regard them as their identity. Celebs are no different in that regard.

Below are some celebrities with stretch marks.

Kim Kardashian

One of the most popular and yet controversial moms among the celebrities, Kim has her stretch marks and she doesn’t care about them. However, considering her profile, she did laser her breasts to get the marks out and she also visited a plastic surgeon to remove the wrinkles from her hands and a mark on her foot.

Miranda Kerr

Among the celebrities with stretch marks, this actress also finds her place. Not caring about the shape of her body, about the way she looks, about the stretch or other marks, she proudly announces that she only cared about having a healthy baby and nothing else. And that stays important no matter how famous a personality you are.

Scarlett Johansson

Being known for her recent blockbuster Lucy, this actress had a hard time in hiding her stretch marks. She has those marks visible on her breasts which are wide visible.

Jennifer Hudson

This lady has her stretch marks because of being overweight, which is one of the causes of this fluffy lines. She, as apparent from her pictures, do not try to hide them much. She has most of them on her arms and her breasts, and totally doesn’t care about them.

Angelina Jolie

“The Maleficent” actress loves her stretch marks and she is proud of them as she says these make her feel like a woman, which is the best feeling on its own. Having given birth, she describes it as an amazing experience.

Cindy Crawford

She is a model and models need to keep their bodies in shape and look extraordinarily good, but this mom, even at the age of 40, has maintained her profile despite the stretch marks on her.


Having given birth to a child, she has lost the physique she once had. Now stretch marks are visible on her buttocks and that is one thing all look for, as someone as beautiful as her can have them too.

Final word

After looking at the list, you probably now know that having stretch marks is normal and they are a great sign of you being a woman!