A list of known celebs with stretch marks

A list of known celebs with stretch marks

Stretch marks generally appear on women, and they are a matter of curiousness for them as some women don’t want them considering their fitness and the overall image of the body, while some designate them as something which is from nature and they have learned to live with them.

We often consider celebrities as the happiest human beings on the face of this earth. We imagine them as being perfect in all conditions and having no problems whatsoever but ever you imagine celebrities with stretch marks? However, what we forget is that those celebrities are actually the creation of the nature and anything affecting you would also affect them no matter what they do. They cannot escape the atrocity of the natural conditions.
Even some celebrities have these stretch marks and why shouldn’t they have them? As like us, they are humans too and nature can affect them. Below is a tentative list of the celebrities who face these marks too. Some have treated them, while others love them.

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim is a well-known and somewhat notorious celebrity who has stretch marks. She has appeared on many television series but rose to fame with the series “Keeping with Kardashians”. Recently, we saw her photos swarm the internet and gather much attention. She had her marks and had admitted it without hesitation. However, where does she has it is a mystery and we don’t even know if she even have them now as we have been seeing a perfect body in her pictures. She is one tricky mom to catch up in a photo.

2. Shakira

Shakira is the name of fame and melody. Among the celebrities with stretch marks, she also has her position. We all know that she is a mother of two now and thus no matter what she does, the stretch marks are bound to come. In a recent photo, it was seen that she has them in the side of her buttock. Whether she has treated them or not is not known, however what is known is that she doesn’t really care about them and she has kept moving on and covering milestones.

3. Scarlett Johansson

This celebrity is a superwoman in Avengers, a mind freak in Lucy and a detective in Captain America. She has numerous blockbusters under her belt and she’s still achieving more than just fame. After becoming a mother, she too faced stretch marks which were visible through one of her photos particularly on the breasts, but she has been successful in covering them from the camera.

4. Victoria Beckham

This lady is a multi-talented one. She is a singer, a model, a business woman and much more. Her solo songs had hit the charts with a bang and had topped many of them. After giving birth to her daughter, she experienced stretch marks. Unlike most and like some, she couldn’t go with them and decided to get rid of them once and for all. It is said that she had ordered 50 bottles of Rodial Stretch MX to cure the lines on her body. Now, she is a mother of 4 and it is unknown if she still has the marks.

5.Britney Spears

Born in McComb, Mississippi, she is one of the most widely known singers of this age. She is very active in the social world. She is also the mother of two boys which means that during or after her pregnancy, she did face stretch marks. The stretch marks has not stopped her from topping the charts and has maintained her reign on the pop industry. Where does she have the marks? Well, it is unknown as she appears perfect in all her photos.

6.Lady Gaga

The one and only blatant and confident singer, Lady Gaga is also not saved from the marks and has them on her breasts. From a source, it has been known that she has used treatments to have the marks cured. She used Revitol and has claimed its successfulness on the marks. The picture revealing the marks had been taken while she was promoting her video of the song Applause.

7.Cindy Crawford

Known for her elegant style and modeling, this celebrity has stretch marks too. The marks are perfectly visible on her belly which is a sign of her motherhood. Her modeling career had made her gain entry in the acting world and subsequently became the celebrity now known globally. Whether she has done something to cure her marks is not evident from the condition of her marks. What is evident is her confidence in carrying them without hesitation and still grow in her career with dedication and style.

8.Halle Berry

A well-known actress who has fans all over the globe has been a victim of stretch marks too. Evident in a photo taken, the marks are clearly visible on her belly and are the evidence of her pregnancy. She is the mother of two children and despite her imperfection at the belly, she is still making a mark on the big screen. Featured in the high grossing movie X-Men, this actress has managed to live with the marks and appreciate herself.

9.Jessica Alba

Started working at the early age of 13, Jessica Alba has since gathered much appreciation and fame globally. She is a mother and when it comes to pregnancy, stretch marks are bound to be there. She has, without fear, openly admitted to the scars but whether she has done something to cure them is a mystery. Moreover, none of her pictures could be found which have the stretch marks clearly visible.

The final word

After looking at the list of the celebs with stretch marks, you might have by now known that these marks are natural and you do not need to worry about them at all.