Celebrities with stretch marks really exist on this planet so perfections are nowhere in the world, we all have to learn to live with our insecurities and weaknesses. While struggling from getting away with them, we find ourselves in an inferiority complex with famous celebrities who ought to have no problems in life. Looking at their flawless skin, admiring it or getting resentful on how they cope up with their stretch marks, here are some celebrities with stretch marks;

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1. Halle Berry’s Stretch marks:

The Oscar winner famous Halle Berry got stretch marks after her first baby in 2008 , while others feel ashamed of this skin affliction and working hard to get rid of it, Halle didn’t care for how world looks at her stretch marks. She continued to excel in her acting career with her profound acting skills.

2. Kate Beckinsale’s Stretch marks:

The famous “Under World” star Kate Beckinsale accepts in an interview that she has stretch marks. She disclosed;

I don’t know how people think you can go eight-and-half stone to over 12 stone when you’re pregnant and not get them. I’ve got stretch marks everywhere.

3. Jennifer Lopez‘s Stretch Marks:

The renowned actress and singer Jennifer Lopez who starred in couple of block buster movies like “Anaconda”, “Parker”, “ Maid in Manhattan”, “The Wedding planner” and my favorite “Monster-in-Law”. After becoming a mom, Jennifer disclosed her feelings about stretch marks in an interview;

I remember my flabby belly hanging out after I gave birth, I kind of laughed and said to Marc, Isn’t this crazy, I just didn’t care, I got to get myself together for my kids you know, they need to know how I really look like.

4. Scarlett Johnson’s Stretch Marks:

From a child star in “Home Alone 3” to the leading lady of “Lucy”, “The Avengers”, “Captain America” Scarlett Johnson continued to rock Hollywood with her block buster movies. She is one of my favorite actors. Her stretch marks were clearly shown in “Under the Skin” and “Iron Man 2”. She never talked about it officially however; she knows the possible ways to hide them.

5. Kate Winslet’s Stretch Marks:

From “Titanic” to “A little chaos”, Kate entertained us with her deep and bold acting. In her movie “Little Children” which was released last year, her natural stretch marks were also praised along with her flawless acting. Kate is one of the bold actresses who are proud to bear her true body along with her brilliant acting skills.

6. Jennifer Hudson’s Stretch Marks:

Grammy Award holder Jennifer Hudson got her credit “DreamGirls”. There is no secret if she got stretch marks because of her being overweight. She could have stretch marks more than any normal person and it is shown wide open in every acquaintance reportedly.

7. Kim K’s Stretch Marks:

There is no suitably defining line of work of Kim except a T.V show in which she acts dumb. I googled to check any highlighted work on her credit and found “Keeping up with Kardashians” as her only acknowledged performance. Along with her pregnancy pictures, she disclosed some “secret oils” as her stretch marks fighting aid.m K’s Stretch Marks:

8. Jessica Alba’s Stretch Marks:

The flawless petite beauty starred in block buster “The fantastic four” and “Sin City” series, Jessica Alba quoted on her stretch marks;
“Even Though some might consider them a flaw, I’ve learned to love my stretch marks.”