Everyone now wears and enjoys smartwatches, so they are no longer considered odd. In fact, a few of our favourite celebrities never leave the house without one on. They display the watches when dressing for any occasion. Either it can be a smart watch or a best replica rolex, the purpose is to fascinate the world.

They all have different brands that they enjoy, but they are all drawn to smartwatches because they want such type of gadget that can release their hand stress and can inform them about every notification coming on their smartphone. By simply looking at their wrist, a smartwatch makes it simple for people to access the social world around them.

However, smartwatches are style statements that not only make you appear fitness-conscious but also create global fashion trends. Celebrities that value their social presence in addition to their work can benefit from smartwatches.

Here are some famous people who are never seen without their smartwatches. We’ll showcase celebrities wearing FitBit, the Apple Watch, and much more.

Khloe Kardashian

What type of Smartwatches do Celebrities Love to Wear?

The social media sensation Khloe Kardashian loves to wear a Fitbit smartwatch. On her website, she posted a picture wearing a Fitbit Flex wireless band. She also mentioned that this fitness gadget helps her to keep motivated on her fitness goals. She also shares her shopping list on which she admires this fitness tracker.

However, you have also seen this social media sensation girl wearing an Apple Watch on her wrist. She often posts her gym pictures on her social media profile wearing a smartwatch. On her website, you can see that she also shares some fitness tips and educate her followers that how she can maintain her fitness physique.

Chloe Grace Moretz

What type of Smartwatches do Celebrities Love to Wear?

Chloe Grace Moretz, a well-known young performer, is included. She flourished in the spotlight of the film world. She has been in horror films and provided the voice of characters in films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She and other musicians serve as fashion statements for their followers.

She’s got an Apple Watch on her wrist. With a smartwatch, she can be identified at a party or in the street. Among celebrities, Apple Smartwatch is the most popular brand of a smartwatch. She is one of the few celebrities who enjoy wearing Apple gear.

Katy Perry

What type of Smartwatches do Celebrities Love to Wear?

Singer, musician and television judge Katy from the United States also loves smartwatches. The American singer was sporting an Apple Watch since the company sent its freshly released timepiece to the A-listers. Steven Colbert, Drake, and Kanye were among the other celebrities who wore the watch.

As a child, Katy sang in the church, which sparked her interest in singing. As a teenager, she decided to pursue a career in singing. Red Hill Records helped to promote Katy Hudson, her self-titled debut album, which was released in 2001. Despite the singer’s first album’s lacklustre sales, she had great success with her recent versions and becomes the top-rated singer in the U.S.


What type of Smartwatches do Celebrities Love to Wear?

Zendaya is seen sporting the newest smartwatch from Michael Kors. The versatile dancer and actress are constantly on the go. Kors needed her to be the ambassador of his new product, so that was only natural. Through this kind of promotion, smartwatches and celebrities are frequently brought together. If you haven’t personally experienced the new Michael Kors smartwatch, you must.

In this smartwatch, you will find multiple features such as Google Fit, heart rate monitoring, mobile payments, waterproofing, and many more. You can also customize the bands and watch faces to make it your own smartwatch.

Oprah Gail Winfrey

What type of Smartwatches do Celebrities Love to Wear?

Oprah Gail Winfrey is well known to everyone. She is a multitalented woman. She is a television producer, actor, author, talk show host, and philanthropist from the United States. Just her speeches are enough to inspire everyone in the room.

The richest woman in the world is also the most powerful person in the world, being an African American. She included Apple watches on her list of favourite things because of her intense passion for them. Oprah responded that she always enjoys wearing a rose gold watch when questioned about the timepiece.

Martha Hunt

What type of Smartwatches do Celebrities Love to Wear?

In the fashion world, she is well-known. Her presence in Victoria’s secret fashion has made her incredibly well-known. We are conscious of what being fit implies to models. These smartwatches assist these models in keeping track of their exercise habits.

She frequently sports a Smartwatch by Michael Kors. She displays her smartwatch and is seen by many as a fashion icon. A fantastic feature of the watch makes it worthwhile to wear. includes social network access, fitness monitoring, and voice search on Google. She conveys a sense of fashion freak and physical fitness.

Sunder Pichai

What type of Smartwatches do Celebrities Love to Wear?

Sunder Pichai serves as Google’s CEO. The most widely used and user-friendly search engine ever. Many people are inspired by his success story. He has always loved technology, though.

At one of Google’s conferences, Pichai was sporting a Fossil Sport smartwatch. Excellent features are included in the Fossil Sports smartwatch. Dials that can be customized, social watch faces, applications access, a daily activity tracker, and water resistance. making it the ideal wearable for the occasion.

Barak Obama

What type of Smartwatches do Celebrities Love to Wear?

The name needs no words to introduce him, as every person knows he is the American president who is most admired. But in addition to having a strong work ethic, he also values his health. He had to choose between an Apple Watch and a Fitbit watch, and he went with the Fitbit. His smartwatch of choice is the Fitbit Ionic.

This watch is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. This waterproof smartwatch has a battery life of up to 5 days. also keeps him up to date on current trends. The watch can count steps taken, calories burnt, and heart rate.


The best technology that combines fitness and fashion is the smartwatch. Almost all smartwatches, regardless of brand, share the same feature. Many more famous people enjoy combining their sense of style with technology.

Well, it works well together as Our main fashion role models are our celebrities. And everybody enjoys experimenting with their public persona. They have a big impact on people both on and off camera with their fashion choices. So, if you are following any celebrity as your fashion ions, then you should also wear smartwatches because most stars and celebrities love to wear this gadget in their daily routine.